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Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry
Schisandra Berry
Magnolia Vine -Gomishi - Five Flavor Fruit

One of the healthiest fruits equivalent to ginseng with adaptogen like properties for increasing mental and physical stamina. Tested extensively in Russia and considered important enough to be included with many types of physical therapy and rehabilitation including mental disorders. Seed extracts used as well. Fruits are produced on female plants in long clusters which ripen in the fall. In China, the young leaves are boiled and eaten as a vegetable. Fruit makes a ‘sweetish’ tart drink rich in antioxidants and compounds that improve and protect your liver. Often grown from cuttings as only the female plants produce fruit. We offer seed grown plants from selections grown in China - a 50-50 mix of M/F plants. Males are needed for pollination although some female vines are said to produce without pollination. Plants grow rapidly, yielding fruit in 3-5 years. Like grapes, use a strong fence or trellis system. Shade-tolerant, said to be productive as a woodland vine or for arbors. Clean foliage with few if any insect or disease problems.  Height depends on method of growing but said to grow to 100' in the wild. Ours are 3 year plants grown in pots.


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Schisandra chinensis

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