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Musk Strawberry

Musk Strawberry
European Woodland Species-Hautbois Strawberry

Produces 1/2" violet or red aromatic fruit. Very strong wild strawberry flavor similar to a currant. Cultivated in Italy and some named selections exist. We have tried them here but found them unproductive until we started growing more than one type. Now we offer seedlings plus Profumata di Tortona and another named selection. The most robust strawberry we grow with thick hairy leaves and one foot tall flower stalks with 6-10 flowers per plant. Grows very quickly and has done well here in mixed plantings in light shade. As a groundcover, it grows vigorous but not overcrowding other plants as the runners cannot pierce thick sod or established beds.

The pollination is confusing for this species but here is the short version:  We send mixed seedlings-usually two types along in the group of 10 plants that are field grown. On the potted plants, it is one seedling plant grown from seed and each one is genetically different. So if you are growing this species mixing the potted plants will double as pollinators as well and will help your field grown plants fruit too. People who have been trying to figure the details of heavy fruiting selections often forget that the musk strawberry is not always just male or female.  It just needs a little crossing from a different genetic type nearby. Simple yet complex. 




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Fragaria moschata

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