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Wild Bean Seeds

Available again after 9000 years, now you can grow it and make it part of your diet.

Thicket Beans
Perennial Potato Tubers & Seeds

Selected for fruitfulness and hardiness this potato is perpetual both in producing true seeds and able to withstand cold soil temperatures which allows them to overwinter outside.

Seeds &Tubers
Precocious Hazelnut Seeds

Seeds selected from my best hybrid plants developed over the course of 30 years. Immune to blight and lateral bearing.

Hazelnut Seeds
Chickasaw Wild Goose Plum Hybrid

Incredibly vigorous plum able to establish and fruit in poor soils. Tart fruits are produced free of insect and disease damage.

Plum Seeds
Peruvian Tree Pepper

Tall, vigorous pepper with hot fleshy thick walled peppers

Tree Pepper
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Join me as I post images of many new plants recently fruiting at my farm and the story behind the plants.

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Seeds from Our Farm-New Selections Available Weekly During the Harvest Season. Do you need seeds for a specific project? Contact me for questions on my seed selections and germination tips. My seeds will provide a means to develop your own cultivars as well as continue the Oikos Tree Crops-Ecos seed strains. Working on a community based tree crop forest? Lets connect.

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Abundant Hickory Nuts

Selected for its prolific abundance of delicious large hickory nuts. Thought to be a hybrid of shagbark and shellbark hickory this is my most productive hickory at my farm. The squirrels agree as well making collection a timely process. Trees like this are impossible to find as few people can correctly identify the plants unless you grow them out and wait 30 years to see what develops. Luckily I made this planting based on what other nut growers had experienced before me.

Abundant Shellbark Hickory
Northern American Persimmon

Selected for early ripening and hardiness this form of persimmon is one of the most northern. Excellent seed strain for short season areas as well as cultivar selection.

More on Persimmons

News From Our Farm

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