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Northern American Persimmon

Dormancy applied. Additional 30 day cold period needed. PLANT AWAY!!! This is the most northern form. ONE or FIVE POUND QUANTITIES AVAILABLE.

Persimmon Seeds
Precocious Hazelnut Seeds

Dormancy applied Jan. 1st. Just plant and grow. Seeds selected from my most precocious hybrid plants developed over the course of 30 years with heavy lateral bearing. The nuts from Precocious combine the Ken's select hazels which are from what would be considered 'over producers' which means the yields can weigh the plants canes to the ground. Every year for the last 40 years further refinements were done to improve this from seed strain. The nut size shrunk but making up for it in terms of yields and immunity to eastern filbert blight.

Stratified Hazelnut Seeds

T-shirts with paintings or drawings done by artists that have graced my catalogs for the last 30 years. Organic cotton.

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Join me as I post images of many new plants recently fruiting at my farm and the story behind the plants. Every now and then I find a good street tree or find interesting plant discoveries.

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Stratified Hazel and Persimmon Seed

American persimmon seeds are ready to plant. Seeds were stratified since January 1st and ready to plant. Persimmons are available in one and five pound quantities. Currently all seeds are out of stock except for persimmon seeds which are refrigerated. As the season progresses, new seeds and varietals will be made available depending on the crop yields. New inventory will be highlighted on this front page as well as a new seed category for 2022.

Stratified Seeds
Uncovering the Beauty Within

Finding the right piece of wood to create a work of art is sometimes challenging. Chestnut wood naturally brings out the best of this inner world with its expressive grain patterns and ease of transformation. The inventory is currently being sanded and trimmed. Dimensional lumber will vary from 6 inches to 10 inches in width from 2 to 4 ft. in length and one inch in width.

American Hybrid Chestnut Wood

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