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Wild Bean Roots and Seeds

Perennial bean plants and seeds are shipping now. Cultivated 9000 years ago, now you can grow it.

Seeds and Roots
Wild Goose Plum

Considered lost in cultivation, we brought this species back by selecting the most productive plants over the course of two decades.

Container plants.
Pink Thimbleberry

Selected thimbleberry plants available as seed and plants.

Flat rate shipping.
Jerusalem Artichoke Seed

Grow from seed a new variety from the Shiawassee cultivar known for its early ripening and smooth tubers.

Perennial Broccoli

Produces dozens of small heads in early summer, this deep rooted perennial is free of insects and disease.

Container grown.
Very Wild Asparagus

Wild form of the cultivated asparagus. Selected from long lived plants known for their distinct flavor and ability to grow on their own.

Potted plants

Featured Plants, Tubers & Seeds

Schisandra Berry


$8.20 - $8.20



$4.20 - $39.50

Red Mulberry


$17.75 - $17.75

Virginia Groundnut


$14.20 - $14.20

Wild Bean


$12.20 - $12.20

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