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Ecological Enrichment: New Seeds, New Plants, New Ideas

The Teosinte Plant 6 Sep 2023

Teosinte expands outward. It's an omni-directional force starting from a pin point and then outward like an exploding star.  This  makes it impossible to define

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The Corn Plant 20 Aug 2023

I always wondered why corn was so luxurious in growth and existed in such wonderful dense green fields.  It was so perfect to me and

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One Potato Creates an Expanding Universe 18 Aug 2023

It can happen.  It was the daily activity of a bumblebee searching the flowers of the horse nettle at my farm. Nearby my potato patch

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Wild Goose Plum

Selected for heavy fruit production, vigor and clean foliage this species plum is rarely available. 300 seeds per packet will easily do an acre. This selection was the result of over two decades of a population selection trying to find the best seedlings that produce the most fruit.

Prunus hortulana Seeds
The Thimbleberry Way

Over the course of two decades I grew many types of wild raspberries. None captured my interest more than the thimbleberry. Here is a newsletter I wrote about my experience.

Cultivating a Wild Plant
Forest Garden Podcast

With Mike Amato and Ben Bishop we discuss the ever widening possibilities of plant diversity and how to harness it in whole. I discuss some of my so called called 'herding' plant projects and creating seed strains. Available on Spotify and other Platforms.

Interview with Ken Asmus
Episode 115: Ken Asmus on Growing Plants Yourself, Drive-By Botany and Breeding "Wild Chickens"

From the great folks of Plant Cunning Podcast, came an interview where we discuss all things related to plants and people. What to do next?

Plant Cunning Podcast-Youtube
Recently Harvested Seeds

Starting in 2023 and into 2024 this section will contain all new seed crops harvested at my farm. This year I am focusing on many new annual crops that were brought to my attention when I had my nursery but did not have time or the resources to develop and propagate. These crops are finds outside of the boundaries of the seed and agricultural industries. Woody plant seeds of new selections will be highlighted.

2023-24 New Seed Crops
Mirabelle Plum

Mirabelle plum represents a form of alpine plum species cultivated and wild collected for its fruits for jams and conserves.

Mirabelle Plum Seeds