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Growing Pecans

By propagating the paper pots, the tap root is preserved perfect for transplanting.

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Chinquapin Chestnut

This dwarf chestnut represents one of the few species chestnuts often overlooked as a potential edible nut shrub crop. Plant two for nut set.

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Pawpaws may look a little weird but inside is a highly nutritious fruit.

Container Grown
Atlantic White Cedar

This rare evergreen is the sequoia of the east growing in both dry and wet soils.

Container Plants
A Cultivar Less Plant World

Finding and developing a new food plant can mean opening up the treasure chest of the population.

My Tree Farm Experiment
Diversity Potato

Grown from true seed over the course of a decade. Each potato is genetically different with an ability to overwinter outside. Small is beautiful.

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Supernova Sunchoke


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Schisandra Berry


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Red Mulberry


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Wild Bean


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