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Briana Apricot

This true to seed apricot was created at my farm by growing three generations of a rare selection of Siberian apricot. Perfect for cold climates.

Briana Apricot Seeds-Scions
Wild Goose Plum

This indigenous North American wild plum species creates a wonderful population of delicious plums easy to grow without spray.

Wild Goose Plum Seeds-Scions
Lavender Life Red Mulberry

Selected form of the North American mulberry with heavy production of sweet purple berries.

Lavender Life Seeds and Scions
Morning Sun Wild Goose Plum

Selected seedling of the wild goose plum with heavy yields, delicious taste and free of insects and disease perfect for organic production. This is the first of three wild goose plum introductions this year alone. More plum introductions will be put up as the fruit is evaluated for the last time. This was a project that took me 30 years to complete fully.

Morning Sun Plum
Newly Harvested Seeds 2022

Every year is different at my farm on what plants are producing. This year there are some wonderful surprises. Check it out. As the summer progresses, seeds will be processed and put up in this category as they become available. Scionwood of all the new varieties developed at my farm will be found here as well. Seeds plus scions are combined to encourage diversity plus selections of future food crops. Everyone can play a role in the development of new fruit and nut crops perfect for no spray orchards of delicious and nutritious organically grown food. Directions for germination of seeds is included in the description of the plants.

New Seed Crops
Uncovering the Beauty Within

Finding the right piece of wood to create a work of art is sometimes challenging. Chestnut wood naturally brings out the best of this inner world with its expressive grain patterns and ease of transformation. The inventory is currently being sanded and trimmed. Dimensional lumber will vary from 6 inches to 10 inches in width from 2 to 4 ft. in length and one inch in width.

American Hybrid Chestnut Wood

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