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  • Ultra Northern Pecan Trees Grown In Pots

    We have grown a lot of pecan seeds all from different areas of the country. It soon became apparent that only the most northern would ...

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  • Perennial Perpetual Potato

    This small potato has the ability to overwinter in the soil. Available as seeds and tubers.

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  • Seeds From Our Farm

    Fresh seeds are a must for successful propagation. Start your food forest today.

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  • Chestnuts-The Tree That Keeps on Giving

    Chestnuts are one of those trees that provide a great deal of nourishment in a small place. See our new selections now.

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  • Wild Goose Plum

    Delicious-easy to grow without spray. Seeds available. Enter Plums10 code at check out for a 10 % discount-seeds and plants of plums.

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  • Hazelnut-Filberts

    New varieties of highly productive and durable species available in spring of 2019. Check them out now.

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