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Ecological Enrichment: New Seeds, New Plants, New Ideas

Dreams, Pillows and Curiosity 28 Nov 2022

On one of my family's Christmas tree farms a great expanse of milkweed existed. This was due to an over application of Simazine herbicide which

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Dude, what happened to your corn? 17 Nov 2022

It all started with jury duty. In this case, it was purgatory with magazines. The waiting room was stacked with magazines as it was the

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The Thicket Bean Makes a Return to Michigan 24 Oct 2022

Last seen on Belle Isle, Michigan in 1896, the thicket bean established itself in the thickets of this island in the middle of the Detroit

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Briana Apricot

This true to seed apricot was created at my farm by growing three generations of a rare selection of Siberian apricot. Perfect for cold climates.

Briana Apricot Seeds-Scions
The Northern American Persimmon

The date like consistency of the American persimmon with its rich and sweet flavor can only be captured with tree ripened fruit. I was fortunate to start my seedling planting starting in the mid 1980's.

American Persimmon Seeds
Flava Island Beach Plums

Yellow in this case is mellow. Yellow is rare in the beach plum world but it does happen and I was fortunate to find these selections mixed in a larger population originally found on an island off the east coast.

Flava Island Beach Plum Seeds
Morning Sun Wild Goose Plum

Selected seedling of the wild goose plum that combines heavy yields on a vigorous tree with clean foliage. Delicious, slightly tart fruit taste free of insects and disease perfect for organic production. One of three varieties of new goose plums this year. This was a project that took me 30 years to complete fully. It was a good year for plums in 2022.

Morning Sun Plum Seeds-Scions
Recently Harvested Seeds

Every year brings new crops to light on my farm. This year there are some wonderful surprises. Check it out. New seeds will be processed and put up in this category. Everyone can play a role in the development of new fruit and nut crops perfect for no spray orchards of delicious and nutritious organically grown food. Directions for germination of seeds is included in the description of the plants. New varieties are posted here as well as the Ecos seed strains.

New Seed Crops
Nana Beach Plum Seeds

Even without a beach, Prunus maritima can be grown non- maritima. Nana represents my interest in dwarf fruit plants that can be produced from seed as well. Even from seed, this source produces dense clustering of fruits as well as a short juvenile age before fruiting begins.

Nana Beach Plum Seeds