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Perennial Beans

The thicket bean makes it return after 100 years missing in Michigan. Order the roots for spring shipping.

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Chinquapin Chestnut

This dwarf chestnut represents one of the few species chestnuts often overlooked as a potential edible nut shrub crop. Plant two for nut set.

Spring shipping

Pawpaws may look a little weird but inside is a highly nutritious fruit.

Spring shipping
Perennial Brocolli

Bug free with no cabbage butterfly larvae, this perennial version of a wild rocket is worth growing and eating.

Container Plants
Seeds-American Persimmon

Seeds available now. Just apply dormancy. Simple directions to grow a fruit from seed.

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Diversity Potato

Grown from fruitful heirloom diploids over the course of a decade each potato is genetically different as well as a somewhat wild self perpetual strain over wintered outside. Small is beautiful.

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Featured From The Store

McDonald Hazelnut


$32.50 - $32.50

Supernova Sunchoke


$9.80 - $9.80

Schisandra Berry


$7.75 - $115.00



$6.20 - $125.00

Red Mulberry


$17.75 - $19.75

Virginia Groundnut


$15.20 - $15.20

Wild Bean (Perennial)


$10.40 - $32.00

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