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10 Percent Off Entire Store-All Seeds

October 11, 2022

10 Percent Off Entire Store for all of the Seeds. Recent harvests include:

Pawpaw, Chinquapin Hybrid Chestnut, Ashe Magnolia, American Persimmon

USE CODE   OneSeed    at check out. Sale expires 10-30-22.

Recent Newsletter         

Very good crop of pawpaw this year. It has allowed me to taste test them in great diversity. Sooner or later I might understand the flavor profile of the  pawpaw. I would say the pawpaw has a mellow flavor this year as they ripen on the tree. I have not found one that I thought was repulsive in some way. It has to ripen on the tree to be the best flavor. Large clusters are found on several trees this year partly due to the pruning I did last year which brought more light into the plantings.  Available in 500, 1000, 5000 quantities. Seeds are processed and immediately refrigerated.


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