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20 Percent Off Tree Crops

April 1, 2021

Very good crop this year of Russian Hawthorne, Hardy Orange, Black Mulberry and Northern Prairie Apricot. Enjoy 20 percent off using coupon code: 20TCrop   .    The Northern Prairie apricots are well rooted field plants 12-18 inches tall and shipped bare root wrapped in peat moss. The Russian Hawthorne are two year old plants up to 18 inches tall grown in a tree pot. The  Black mulberries are grown in both

Poncirus trifoliata

paper pots and deep plastic pots are are up to 3 ft. tall.  They are also two years old. The hardy orange are one year old plants which vary in size from 3  to 6 inches tall and are also grown in plastic tree pots.  All of these are shippable now and are still dormant. When checking out if you need a specific ship time let us know in the comment field.

Offer expires May 1st, 2021.

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