Shipping, Instructions & Guarantees

SHIPPING COSTS      For potted and field grown plants   UPS Ground  for Shipping        

Totals:  $20.00 -$50.00     $17.75 /   $50-$75       $18.75    /     $75-$100        $19.25  / $100-$150  $19.75 /   150.00-500  14% of the total / 500 and above-10% of the total

SHIPPING COSTS  for JUST SEED ORDERS:   USPO  Domestic  Seed Shipping is a flat rate of $4.60.  International    Seed Shipping is a flat rate of $16.40. These rates apply to your order only if you order all seeds and nothing else.     

OTHER FLAT RATE USPO SHIPPING INCLUDES:    Sunchokes ,Potatoes, Groundnuts, Growing Supplies  and other selected products as featured on the website -flat rate of $9.60.  If you add seeds to your order price will still be $9.60. Flat rates end once you add plants on to your cart.  USPO shipping is done Priority Mail with few exceptions.

SHIPPING TIMES:    Done at the appropriate time for your climate and conditions which is:  Spring  Starts March 1-7. Ends in May. Times of harvest and packing can vary depending on weather. Seeds are sent immediately. Plants, tubers, etc. are sent in a dormant condition.  Summer:  Orders are split-potted trees sent immediately-field plants-tubers mid October. Fall October 7-15 is our normal beginning of fall shipping and back to being able to ship everything.  Winter: Southern locations: potted plants can be sent. Seeds are always sent right away during the winter no matter where you live.


Storing your plants prior to planting

Open the box and set the plants upright. Plants were watered before they left the premises. Store in an unheated garage or cool area outside.

Field plants including tubers and roots: Store in a cool unheated place that is as close to the outside temperature as possible. Ideally it is best to remove the plants from the plastic bag and store outside by covering the roots with compost, ground up organic matter or soil. Outside freezing temperatures will not damage the plants.  Do not worry about frost.

Container Plants: Remove the plants from the box and plastic bags. Set upright. Water. Store outside in a protected area away from wind and direct sun.  Water the pots weekly until planted. If your potted plants arrived with some leaves on them and frost occurs, the damage will be inconsequential. The plant will regenerate new leaves even if they freeze off. In the fall some container plants and the field plants we dig loose their leaves during shipping.  This is normal. They will re-leaf the following spring.

Identification plant tags are within the pots: If you ordered more than one plant, all of one type, then they will be all together in one plastic bag. (All the plants in that bag are the same if there is only one label.) If you have field trees then a label is around the stem or trunk of the plant. Field plants are often combined in one bag.

Time to plant

Soil: Keep soil amendments to a minimum when planting seedling trees. Never add fresh organic matter to the soil. Instead use it as a sheet mulch surrounding the plant keeping the mulch depth 1-2 inches deep evenly around the plant. Soil should be gently packed down when you plant using the same unaltered top soil that came from digging the hole. Adding a handful or two of compost or Soilicious at root level while you are adding soil is beneficial at this point. Never put fertilizers and amendments in the bottom of the hole.

Water: To eliminate any air pockets in the soil, drench the soil fully. This helps attach the soil particles to the roots again. Even a small amount of water will be of great benefit.

Fertilizer: Do not use granular or highly soluble fertilizers of any type during the first growing season. We recommend  Fertrell and Espoma fertilizers which can be added as a light top dressing around the plant.

After Care

Watering: 1-2 times a week is sufficient for watering your new plants. Soak the soil fully if you feel the rain you are getting is not sufficient. If you are planting some of our larger bare root trees, keep an especially close watch on these during the summer. You will notice the leaves of newly planted trees are smaller than normal. The leaf size and vigor will return the following year.

Late Leafing Plants: Scratch Test-Oaks, hickories, persimmons, pawpaw, beach plums, pecans, chestnuts and walnuts. Check viability by lightly scratching the trunk of the tree with your finger nail. It should be a light green color. The stem will be flexible. Early leafing plants like plums and serviceberry may leaf later than normal after planting as the plants continue to get adjusted and haven’t started growing right away.

Damaged in Shipping

Let us know within 24 hours of receiving your order if an item was damaged or broken in shipping. Please call or email us. We may issue a claim and have the package returned. We will work something out with you quickly. Once returned we will send a new order out. Email  for quickest response.  If you decide to plant the damaged plants, it is fine but doing so means you have accepted them as good plants.  These would not fall under our warranty.


We guarantee our nursery stock to be healthy and true to catalog description including grade and count. Sizes of trees may be slightly smaller or larger than catalog-website description.  Upon receiving your plants, if there is a question concerning plant quality, please bring this to our attention within one day of receipt. We do not cover losses due to experimentation, neglect, heat, drought, cold or other extreme environmental conditions including insects and disease. Due to natural variation, not all plants respond the same and may be different in your climate.  Not what you expected? Return the whole order within 48 hrs. for a refund. Customer forfeits the shipping charges both to and from. We do not cover the losses due to extreme winter weather, animal, fungal or insect damage.

Not Guaranteed

We do not cover losses for plants grown or stored in pots or anything  grown in any soil mix.  Soil mixes have variable results on various species. Plants stored in pots in unheated garages, indoors, or on the deck rarely survive the winter. We do not cover loses on this type of planting. Nothing is guaranteed past 90 days. Belief of mis-identification or actual mis-identification: either way once past 90 days we will not cover a removal or loss of time scenario including the purchase price of the plants or replacements. Because we work with open pollinated plants including hybrids, many things do not look like the ‘books’ including images found on the internet-other websites which may or may not be accurate. We are not going to dispute or corroborate your claim.

Seeds: Our seeds do not carry a warranty of any type. The buyer assumes all risks. For quality issues please contact us when you receive the seeds. Returns are accepted if you feel the seeds are unacceptable in some way. Seeds are fresh when packed for the year of sale as marked on each packet. Our seeds are harvested and packed annually.

International Orders: Anything shipped outside of the USA is not guaranteed. We will not refund any losses due to customs, loss of documents, or anything that creates a delay in shipping. Everything we send travels at the buyer’s risk. There is no guarantee and no refunds of any kind for international orders. Although 100 percent safe, many seeds are now in the category of suspicious biological entities. The buyer assumes all risks and we cover no losses.  Seeds are usually treated as benign but not always.

90 DAY GROWING SEASON GUARANTEE: We offer a 90 day growing season guarantee for plants. For losses, please contact us by August 15 (or 90 days, whichever is applicable to the time you have received your order.) If you placed an order for fall planting, this guarantee will be effective the following growing season. We do not accept requests past 90 days or August 15. Replacements are sent in the fall starting in October when the plants are dormant. A $12.00 shipping and handling charge must be paid prior to shipping unless you are combining it with a standing order for the fall. We may inquire into your lack of success to find out whether it is attributed to an act of nature or something from our end that we are not aware of. Replacements do not receive additional replacements. We do not guarantee plants past their first 90 day growing season.  For the years to follow, it is up to you.  Your purchase falls within this guarantee. On sizing plants: when you receive plants from us some may be larger and some may be slightly smaller than the grade you purchased. This is natural and we cannot compensate you for the trees that are slightly smaller by 1-2 inches. The grades we use are standard Nursery Grades used by most seedling nurseries. Keep in mind this is an average  and varies from species to species. We choose the trees for you based on viability first, size second.