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Apricot and Plum Seeds=10% Off=PLUM10

September 26, 2022


Free Offers+Use Code:  PLUM10 for 10 Percent Off Offer Expires 10-15-22

Free with all orders: 12 Iowa Peach Seeds-True to type northern wild peach.

Orders over $400.00 receive either an all organic cotton t-shirt print from artwork from the Oikos Tree Crops catalog collection or 4 ounces of Wild Goose Plum jam made with organic sugar. Your choice.

Free Offers are limited due to availability but will continue as long as inventory allows. Without a doubt, this is the best crop of plum seeds, I have ever had. It has allowed me to taste test and process into jam new selections, harvest seeds and name several new selections of wild plums not found in cultivation today.  The seeds of these selections represent a species types and can be clonally produced for orchards and permaculture plantings. The quantities are packed so the whole crop is broken into larger portions to make shipping possible. Scionwood is sent in the winter during dormancy. Enjoy. This does not happen often.

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