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Black Mulberry and Blackberry – Flavor Combines with Hardiness

September 16, 2019

Our Newsletter on Some of Our most Recent Propagations

For years we have tried to grow numerous selections of black mulberry.  We started by growing grafts of some of the most promising selections that we purchased from other nurseries. Winter came and nothing survived except rootstock. This turned out to be a type of experiment where failure pointed us in a new direction-seedling strains of which we grew over 500 seedlings. This time we winnowed out the weak and kept the selections that survive in our zone 5 farm.  You can check them out here:

Black Mulberry

We did a similar technique for finding cold hardy blackberries. This time we were able to produce a colony or seed strain of types that pretty much did not die to the ground when it hit -10F or -15F. This form is much more resilient to cold than the other selections we have grown which were bred for zone 7 in the southern and western U.S.  You can check them out here:

Illinois Blackberry

A little sugar goes a long way with the blackberries including removal of the seeds.


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