Plants Available Now-Summer

May 22, 2018 in News from the Farm

We are shipping potted plants and seeds at this time. We are not shipping field grown plants, tubers, roots or rhizomes until early October. We will split ship your order and not charge you additional if you order both types.

Nero Black Chokeberry

May 22, 2018 in Featured , Recent Articles

Rich in anthocyanins, this fruit packs a punch in the flavor department being  somewhat overwhelming in tartness and astringency  compared to most fruits.

Oaks-Need we say more?

April 28, 2018 in Featured

Bebbs oak is a combination of luck finding one and another growing them for their acorns. Coupon code Acorns10

Groundnuts Apios americana

April 28, 2018 in Featured

Grow this vine crop that produces delicious high protein tubers. 10 Percent Off  : Use Coupon code TubersGood at checkout.

Soilicious-Not Just Another Pretty Face in the Soil Amendment World

March 9, 2018 in Recent Articles , Tips for Healthy Plants

Is it time to make the donuts of the soil amendment world? The right mix has a positive effect on establishing woody plants. Is it healthier than a donut? We think so.

Tiny Tuber On The Run Saves the World

March 9, 2018 in New Plant Discoveries , News from the Farm

The hog peanut is an unassuming plant of immense importance producing a delicious small tuber.

Farm to Table Part IV: Roasted Sunchokes

November 27, 2017 in Blog

Usually I do my own thing with fresh fruit and veggies, but for the sunchokes, I was curious to know what others had attempted. As usual, I aim to keep things simple. A quick google search instantly pulled up a simple recipe and I decided to give it a try. This recipe from only had five ingredients and took a total of thirty minutes. Love the sunchokes? Tell us which variety you like the most and how you cook them.

The Yields of Acorns and Friendships

July 26, 2016 in News from the Farm , Recent Articles

When I first purchased my land, I needed a lot of seeds.  Acorns were my first seed obsession. You could find me in parks, strips of land along busy roads and front yards meticulously picking acorns one by one and taste-testing them.  When I asked my brother Chris and my ‘agri-buddy’ and musician Jesse to help me plant a few on my property, I purposely omitted the detail of having 400 lbs of them in my pickup truck.  When we met on a cold Saturday morning in September of 1981, the frost had ...