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New Website, New Blog, Same Oikos.

March 10, 2015

How busy we have been this year– from working on our barn, to beefing up our product base, to managing a busy planting and shipping season. We have literally been running around like the turkeys who frequent our fields! With all of the new changes, it became obvious not only did we need a forum to let our fans and customers know what has been and will be going on, but we needed a new, user-friendly website for the business.

The new website features a more organized way of browsing our store with easier access to all information, including plant descriptions, sizes and pricing. More and better images allow you to see features of the plants you are purchasing like never before. In addition, articles on our blog allow you to learn more details about our unique plants and ways of cultivating them.

Happy browsing (and planting)!

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