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New to YouTube: How to Plant a Tree

July 24, 2015

Our YouTube channel continues to grow.  Planting a tree is easy.  Yet finding ways to make it easier and more successful has been a life long mission of mine.  Is this tree going to survive or am I just digging another hole in the ground? Watch this  video and see how we do it in our shallow topsoil and deep sand subsoil where little water is stored between rain storms. This instructional video explains how to create the best growing conditions in a place that may not have the ideal conditions to begin with plus a formula for a multi-mineral mix for planting we use called Soilicious.

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This image features my daughter Kelly and my father Harold. My father carved the golden oak leaf you see in the image from a burl of black walnut.  Both my daughters have helped me with an amazing amount of planting. My mother and father helped me begin my journey into the realm of plants.

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