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Free shipping & 10 Percent OFF seeds

November 30, 2018

Use coupon code ECOSEEDS  for a 10 percent discount on all seeds. Free shipping will be offered until March 1st. This newsletter highlights some of our best seed features and availability.  All seeds are created equal and with the right care, all seeds will flourish in the environment you will provide if you follow our simple directions for germinating woody plant seeds all outlined in great detail in the plant description in seeds.  Even more seeds will go up on line in the next few weeks as we finish whizzing, blending, decanting, screening and rubbing our harvest to the seed level. Does this sound a bit seedy to you?  It should. It’s all about the seeds. Seeds do rule. Seeds have the power to wrestle away the world from fools.  That is the power of seeds. We grow the seeds using all organic methods. Open pollination means we create top seed progeny all without the aid of herbicides, pesticides and other cides.  It is the ECOS methodology for creating  a diverse seedling way of life.  Every seed is a universe of experience of stored knowledge and intelligence.                                                Click here for our   December Newsletter


Wild Bean, thicket bean seeds
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