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Northern Pecan for Northern Climates

January 18, 2019

This is the fastest growing member  in the hickory family able to produce even into central Michigan. Its ability to fill nuts in short seasons makes this hickory the ultra northern pecan. See our mid January newsletter for this great tree and other unique fruit and nut crops that are rich in flavor and high in nutrition.  MID JANUARY NEWSLETTER

This is an image of pecans grown in Michigan from these ultra northern pecans from Iowa, Illinois and Ohio. Each seedling tree in our planting of over 50 trees ripens nuts every year. These trees fruit when 8-15 years old grown from seeds.

Northern Pecan Trees Potted Plants










The Northern Pecan tree is one of the more widely distributed tree crop plants exchanged by indigenous cultures in North America  long before Columbus arrived. The late flowering means no frost and their clean foliage means healthy trees.  Our trees when put into our sandy dune soil put a deep tap root as well as side roots that extend two times that of the height of the tree. Drought has little effect on the northern pecan. It was a tree I planted that made a dramatic impact on my blank slate field thirty years ago.

Northern Pecans at Oikos Tree Crops


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