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Plant of the Week: The Aronia Berry

June 4, 2019

Newsletter June 3. 2019    Every fall I make an Aronia jam. To do that I use the Sure Gel formula for Black Elderberry. It works great. When I first took it to a farm show for free taste tests, I thought no one would eat it. It is just too strong. Wow was I wrong. I left to get a cup of tea and when I came back the jar was empty. A young man walked by and said,  “That stuff rules.”

Every fruit wants to rule the world.  And rule the world Aronia does.  Listed as one of the top eight superfruits in the world Aronia has many health benefits due to its high anthocyanin content. Yet how do we harness this highly astringent and tannic fruit? Sugar plays a role of making the ‘choke’berry the smooth fruit.

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