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Lilacina Empress Tree Seeds

Packet of 20 seeds, LETR_S $4.00 Out of stock

Durable, Extremely Fast Growing, Valuable Timber Tree

We created this seed strain by selecting what would be considered Zone 5 hardy selections from seeds selected from a population of plants at our farm. Over the course of 20 years most of them died to the ground but a few plants from this western Chinese form called Fargesii survived and grew nicely with little winter damage. (All  of the Paulownia trees we have seen in Michigan die to the ground every winter.) Lilacina flowers and barring frost sets fertile seeds.It is not quite as fast as other Paulownias but just about easily growing 5 ft. a year from a one year seedling.  The wood is very light and is sometimes referred to as the other balsa but the wood is harder and used for furniture and carving. The wood can take a variety of stains and finishes. To grow from seed:  the seed has no dormancy so just plant on the surface of the soil after danger of frost and pat with you hands on a finely raked soil. Water daily until you see the little green dicotyledons. Very small sprouts are easily missed. Mark your row carefully. Takes about 7-21 days to sprout and start to grow. Should have a 50-75 percent germination rate with this batch of seed. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Paulownia tomentosa fargesii Lilacina
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -15 F or slightly more.
Height (ft) 50 -70
Width (ft) 20-30 ft.
Soil Like catalpa in that it can grow in disturbed sites easily and does well in poor soil.
Climate Zone 5ish-6 to zone 10. Our strain has withstood -15 F once with no die back.
Ease of Cultivation Very easy to grow in a variety of locations but not as cold hardy as catalpa.