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Winterberry Holly Seeds

Packet of 30 seeds, WIHO_S $4.20

Dry Soils, Non Acidic Soil Seed Selections-Deciduous Michigan holly.

This selection makes up hundreds of seedlings that were grown in an open field with no irrigation. The alkaline soil really whittled down the numbers to only those which could grow in this 'opposite world' of normal winterberry holly which are normally selected from wetlands. Our original seed source came from central Michigan in a dune area that had little vegetation. Apparently it has seeded in over the years from the surrounding wetlands. This selection has been a very good seed source for us and makes for an ideal screen even if you do not have acidic soil.Plants tend to grow taller and more upright than named varieties. The ratio of male to female is fifty percent. This plant has become a crop plant for the floral industry. 

To germinate the seeds:  Plant in the fall in a protected area about 1/8 inch deep.  The seeds will normally sprout quite heavy in their second year. The seedlings are quite durable and can be moved in one year. If  you do the cold refrigerator method, make sure to store them in fairly moist peat moss. After 120 days take the seeds out of the fridge and wait. Some may sprout the first year, buy normally it takes two. You would then give it a warm dormancy which is air temperature in your house and then when fall rolls around back in the refridgerator for another 90-120 days. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Ilex verticillata
Seed Source Michigan Dryland strain
Hardiness -30F
Height (ft) 8-12
Width (ft) 4-6
Pollination Requirements Bees relish the blossoms.
Soil Doesn't have to be acidic like bllueberries. Ph 6 is fine.
Ease of Cultivation Once started easily grows to fruiting in 3 years of less.