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Nana Beach Plum ECOS

Nana Beach Plum
Nana Beach Plum Nana Beach Plum
Natural Dwarf - Compact Precocious Fruiting Plants 
This dwarf strain of beach plum was developed by selecting five plants from over 4,000 seedlings that fruited in one year from seed.  The precocity of this strain provided us with enough seed to create the 'nana' seed source of which we have replicated it numerous times over the course of 25 years.  Compared to the other beach plums we grow, Nana’s fruit production is greater with spur type fruiting on a compact plant. After 20 years plant height averages 5 ft tall with equal width. Nana produces fruit similar to the wild beach plums. Plant two for pollination and best fruit set. Will cross pollinate with other beach plums as well. (Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA. Seeds are allowed though.)  Ships starting in September and October of 2018.


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Prunus maritima

Seed Source:




Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Need two plants to fruit-any two beach plums of any type will work even if they are the same strain.


Sandy or loam. Not so good in clay but adaptable. Doesn't need seashore soil.


Cold, dry and windy works. Zones 3-8. Not too good in areas with high air moisture which causes fungal problems.

Ease of Cultivation:

Anyone can fruit this. Very easy to grow and fruit. Very few problems if any! Especially resistant to insect damage including curculio.

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