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Wild Apples ECOS

Wild Apples
Wild Apples
For the Johnny Appleseed Within 

Wild apples are found throughout North America. It is one of those escape from the orchard plants that travel with people throughout the world.  Some wild apples have time to adjust to their new surroundings and replicate a few generations in. These are what we use for seeds. We offer three types:   

Penn's Woods:(PW)  This is a rather stable wild apple with leaves of crab apple. It is a wild apple used as an animal attractant. It makes for a good rootstock for grafting as well.  Good foliage retention.

Ecos:(E) Wild types from russet apples in found originally in northern Michigan. The skins tend to be thick and repel insects to some extent. Crossed with Virginia crab and other extremely fruitful crabapples within the planting. 

Way Northern Michigan  Selected from more or less seedling and/or old grafted cultivars that show little insect or disease problems. Grown from specific selections with high quality fruit and clean foliage many from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. For a domestic apple seedling this one is much like the old Russian apples with large leaves and vigorous growth.  

We offer these seedlings as your chance to be Johnny Appleseed. It takes about 4-8 years to fruit a tree from a seed. These selelctions are highly adaptible to many soils and climates and are worth growing even as a seedling or as a rootstock.  

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:


Seed Source:

Ecos, Penn's Woods (PW)



Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile almost always.


Anything but wet. Clay is tricky.


Zone 4-8. Zone 3-ish might be ok.

Ease of Cultivation:

Anyone can do it, but clean fruit without spray is one of those Utopian dreams in a crazy Buckminister Fuller world but possible and within reach of growing blemish free seedlings and not grafted trees.

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Pot, 3-6" Ecos- WIAP_E_3-6 $7.25 Qty:
Pot, 3-6" Way Northern Michigan WIAP_NM_3-6" $7.25 Qty:
Pot, 2-3' Penns Woods, WIAP_PW-2-3 $12.75 Qty:
10 Plants in Pots, 3-6" Way Northern Michigan WIAP_NM_10-3-6 $67.50 Qty: