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"Plentiful" Crabapple Seeds and Scions

1000 seeds+3 scions PLCA_S-SC $180.00 Out of stock

sold out Bright Red Color-Extremely Hardy Alaskan Apple

Selected apple-crab with exceptional hardiness and clean disease and insect free large one inch red fruit. Juicy with a tart flavor. Very productive.

"Plentiful" was selected from a batch of Kerr seedlings from Alaska. Due to its large clean leaves which are free of disease and a nice yellow fall color it was a tree that stood out in my beds of apple seedlings. The bright red fruit contrasts nicely with the yellow fall color. "Plentiful" has the highest yield of any crabapple at my farm. The extremely clean fruit has no disease issues and can be used for jelly and juice. Of all the crabs that I have found at my farm this one is also the most ornamental in terms of its fruit display as the fruit does not break down quickly and stays a bright red color all the way into January. Normally large fruiting crabs break down quick and soon turn brown. The branches bend to the ground with the fruit load.

The seedlings from this apple is a good way to continue the Kerr strain because of its clean foliage and vigorous seedlings. Kerr by itself provides a good starting point to develop apples in the minus 40 F zones of the world. Seed grown apples could provide a whole new avenue of products for the apple industry. The flavors found in some of these small fruited trees really are amazing and worth exploring even if the fruits are juiced and processed in some way. The apple industry is slow to adapt in this regard. 

This package comes with 3 scions of the Plentiful Crabapple as well as 1000 seeds from "Plentiful".

To germinate the seeds: Fall plant outside 1/4 inch deep 1 inch apart in a normal garden type soil that is cultivated. For the refrigerator method put the seeds in a zip lock bag with lightly damp Canadian Peat moss at 33-38 F for 60-120 days. Seeds will sprout a little in the fridge after 60-90 days. Plant those seeds as they sprout. After 90-120 put the bag at room temperature and the rest will quickly follow suit. If some seeds do not sprout the first year you will need to repeat the process again in the fall. Normally this is not necessary but does seem to occur in some of these ultra northern apple seed strains. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Malus dolgo x domestica
Hardiness minus 40F
Height (ft) 15-20
Width (ft) 15-20
Pollination Requirements Self fertile.
Soil Does best in drier sandy or rocky soil.
Climate Zone 2-7
Ease of Cultivation This is one the cleanest foliage apples we have at our farm. The fruit makes a great tasting jam and is worthy of cultivation from seed as much as any grafted apple. It might have some problems with fireblight in the south, however our trees have not suffered from this disease in Michigan. The red fruit hangs on late into the season in good condition. It is an attractive ornamental apple with large white blossoms and a strong central leader and upright growth.

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