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Michigan Apricot

Pot, 12-18" MAPR_12-18 $12.20 Out of stock

Some of the oldest apricots are found in Michigan. Here the soil combined with the climate is similar to their homeland of China. We were able to find a few seeds or heirloom apricots and grew these out last year for the first time. Many of these stem from the variety Goldcot and others that were passed down not as clones but seeds. 

These are generally good selections for pollination as well and work with all apricots. Even though an early flowering plant, in the right location apricots often bloom late enough to escape frosts.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus armeniaca
Seed Source Michigan
Height (ft) 25-40
Width (ft) 25-40
Soil Sandy soils, drains well, rocky soil fine as well.
Climate Zone 4-8
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow and fruit. A sunny dry location is ideal for this plant. Late frosts are not its fruiting friend but even without fruit, it is a welcome addition as spring flowering tree.