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Northern American Holly Seeds Ecos

2500 Seeds NAHO_S-2500 $220.00
50 Plants, ENAH-MicroP-50 $160.00

Selected individual plants from a population of 3000 plants where vigor and winter hardiness were the priority. Started over 30 years ago, my selection was based solely on vigorous growth meaning straight upright tall growth along with finding plants that would withstand the windswept wide open area I planted them in. These seed selections have taken minus 25F once and has survived even the most brutal cold winter winds with little or no bronzing. The berry production is very good with these selections as well as some showing heavy production. I hope to separate the seeds of these two types this year. If you know how to root hollies, please request cuttings with your order of seeds if you wish and I can send the most vigorous plants. There are both male and female plants in these plantings that run about 50 percent ratio.

 I soon found that the vigor of these trees found in the polyhouse after growing them for three years transcribed to vigorous healthy trees in the field able to take -27F several times and not suffer from wind damage during winter. The fast growth continued as well as the overall upright strong tree like growth I was searching for. 

This strain of American holly represents vigorous seedlings easily able to grow in zone 5 and then some. The fast growth of these trees makes them desirable for both nursery production which to lead to Christmas cuttings like winterberry as well as living Christmas trees. 

To germinate the seeds:  The seeds are double and triple dormant and require a two year period to crack and grow. Some portion of the seeds will germinate even in the third year.  The seeds have a tough outside coat which require soil to help break. I plant them in flats outside which are covered by window screen which protects pilfering by rodents. In the second year after winter the seeds will germinate.  (warm cold warm, warm cold warm)  Having the seeds covered with sand will help with germination and the way holly seeds sprouts and grows a top. 1/8 inch covering in sand.

2.5 ounces of seeds. 2500 seeds. Collected in the winter of 2020 and processed in January of 2021. Currently processing 2021-22 crop. 

Micro-propagules are one year old holly plants grown in a propagation tray. They need to be grown for one additional year in containers or outside before moving to their permanent location. Plants are small under one inch in height with 1-2 leaves per plant. 50 plants per package. Shipped in spring via usps.

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