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Schisandra Berry

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Magnolia Vine - Gomishi - Five-Flavor-Fruit    

One of the healthiest fruits equivalent to ginseng with 'adaptogen' like properties for increasing mental and physical stamina. Used extensively in Russia and considered important enough to be included with many types of physical therapy and rehabilitation programs. 

Fruits are produced on female plants in long clusters which ripen in the fall. Fruit makes a tart drink rich in antioxidants and healthy anthocyanins.  Plants grow like a grape. Vines are highly vigorous until fruiting begins in 3-4 years from seedling. We currently offer 3 year old seedlings which are well established and rooted. This vine is often rooted but seedling plants produce totally delicious fruit.

We try to multi-seed the pots so there will be a mix of seedlings in each pot. They are transplanted twice and are in a 4.5 inch pot. When you grow these, it is best to transplant in the fall and spring when the leaves are off the plant. 

It is said that like persimmon Schisandra is dioecious with male and female flowers on separate plants. We found this to not always be the case with customers sending in images of lone plants fruiting and even all plants fruiting. But the books say dioecious.  Shade-tolerant, said to be productive as a woodland vine or for arbors. Clean foliage with few if any insect or disease problems with the fruit or foliage so far. The plant is a bit problematic with frost and will loose all of its  foliage with spring frosts. It will quickly regenerate the foliage though.  Height depends on method of growing but said to grow to 100' in the wild. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Schisandra chinensis
Seed Source Cultivated in China
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 20-60
Width (ft) 1-5
Pollination Requirements Male and female are usually on separate plants but not always. Customers of ours have found some fully fertile plants.
Soil Sandy loam or sand.
Climate Zone 4ish-9. Unknown on exact cold hardiness but some selections grow into zone 3.
Ease of Cultivation Best grown for its healthy juice and can be processed just like making grape juice. Once rooted this plant grows very quickly. We have had people fruit them in 4 years from seed. By the third year, plants grow up to 2-3 ft. per year and need a trellis to support this woody vine. Seems to tolerate a wide range of soils and conditions. Leafs out kind of early and may be an issue in frost pockets.