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Antonovka Apple

Pot, 18-24" ANAP_18-24 $14.20 Out of stock

This species apple comes from Russia and is known for its ability to impart hardiness to apple selections that are grafted onto it as well as its winter apples that ripen late in the season.  It is frequently used as a seedling tree for producing dark green apples used for pies, sauce and drinks.  A red example of this selection is 'Northern Spy'Clean foliage is more typically found within this selection. It does best in the northern part of its range.This seedling selection has been put to the test going back to the early 1900's where it out performed many other northern cultivars right up there with the world's hardiest apple Malus baccata dipping below the minus 40 mark.   It is still used both as a rootstock and as a seedling apple tree either for human use or as a 'wildlife' tree.