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Iowa Blackhaw Viburnum

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"Iowa" is one of the few clonal selections of the blackhaw viburnum known for its larger fruit and heavy production even in dry and rocky soils. Its ability to fruit even in our land of frost and tolerate shade next to our bur and sawtooth oak plantings makes it an ideal shrub understory at our farm. The fruit size is roughly 1/3 to 1/2 larger than our Michigan selection from Lincoln Nurseries many years ago. Although that one can grow in rocky soil too, but the yields are much lower.

'Iowa' is not just another pretty face in the cultivar saturated Viburnum market with its compacted stunted sterile pin cushion plants.  Its tall size to 30 ft. as well as its stoloniferous tendencies may not be for everyone, yet the raisin like flavor of the fruit as it dries down beckons you to enjoy it in the fall making it an ideal for jams and spreads. If you like the taste of raisins, Iowa is for you. Little or no astringency is in the fruit so no need for heavy sugar to make it palatable to consume even fresh.  Iowa rules!

Iowa is propagated by root stolons- cuttings. When you get your plant,, you will see a long thin root with few side roots. The top of the plant will be slightly branched and fully formed. These are 3-4 year old plants.  This is normal for this plant. We dig the plants by hand and then lightly prune the plants to help in their establishment when you get them. Plant them and water them thoroughly. The plants will leaf a little later than normal but you will notice the plant is flexible and green underneath the bark. Once rooted in place the plant will then grow more normal the first year and fruiting in 2-3 years from these selections. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Viburnum prunifolium "IOWA"
Seed Source Selected from Iowa wild collected germplasm and now grown on our farm for the last 25 years. Cultivated clonal selection.
Height (ft) 15-25 ft. Narrow upright growth.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation Super easy to establish in many soil types. Iowa have proven itself to be the best of the lot in terms of production, large fruit and overall taste. Fruit size is roughly double that of the Michigan selections we have. This is a practical fruit to grow and has more potential in terms of its use. The flavor is really delicious. As someone who loves raisins, this selection has great promise as a spread or jam. Iowa makes it happen!

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