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Michigan Lily Iowa

3 ounces - MILI_I_3 $320.00 Out of stock

SOLD OUT One of the most vigorous and healthy lily species I have ever grown. I love lilies. My grandmother always loved showing us kids around her yard in the summer to make sure we saw and appreciated her lily plants. Apparently this kind of rubbed off on me and I started growing a lot of lily species after she passed.  I too was enamored by the lily. For one I was trying to find an edible bulb species and this is one of them that was harvested and baked in open fires. The flavor is good, but the yield aspect is low and it would take a field of them planted over a decade to make it practical to work. 

This seed strain came to me from a company in Iowa that had collected the seed in a remnant prairie. When I started growing it, I had assumed it would reach the usual 5-6 ft. height but instead the plants grew upward to 10 ft. tall. When people would come to my home I too have to show them my lilies.  They would often remark, "I didn't know lilies got that tall!" After a period of time, I selected the most vigorous plants with strong growth.  This strain has worked well in the shade of walnuts at my farm as well as the oaks at my home. It is edible but the small side bulbs do not provide much in the way of yield. But it is possible to use the small rhizome type bulbs to expand the planting as well as from seeds. 

How to Germinate the Seeds: The seeds often are dormant in two ways. First plant the seeds in the fall in a prop tray outside or refrigerate. In the spring plant the seeds roughly 1/2 inch to 1 inch deep. A tap root will form the first season. In the second year a small grass like hair will spout and this is really the beginning of the bulb. After that the bulb can be moved and planted in its original spot. The reason you do not see this bulb for sale much is the length of time to develop a saleable bulb. If for sale, often they sell for double or triple a normal lily bulb. But once established the bulbs can live for many decades and self regenerate from seeds.

About 3 ounces of seed.  11,000 plus seeds.    Seed has some blanks in it but we do not count the blanks as part of the viable seed count.