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Sloe Plum Seeds

Packet of 10 Seeds, SLPL_S $4.20 Out of stock

Selected from 100 percent immune to black knot plants. We offer our 3rd generation seeds from the original variety 'Plena'. This new selection is called, "Ocean Blue". This is a good selection for fruit production. Sloe plum spreads by stolons making it even easier to develop and propagate new selections of this widely popular fruit.

Germination instructions: Outside-fall plant barely covering the seeds in a well drained sandy soil. Seeds will emerge slowly in mid spring.

Refrigerator method: add a lightly moist media like Canadian peat moss and store the seeds for 60-120 days. Seeds will sprout within 60 days in the refrigerator. Some will take longer and others will be doubly dormant requiring a warm period and then another cold period. Most of the seeds in our 2021 packets have gone through one dormancy already so now just apply a single cold period of 60-120 days. This will be enough to crack all the stones which will germinate quickly when put at room temperature. But don't throw out the seeds if they do not sprout the first cold dormancy. You may have to give them another chance. These seeds were floated to get rid of the blank seeds. 

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