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Wisconsin Adams Needle Yucca

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Plug grown, 5 Plants WIAY_5 $12.20
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This is the most robust and largest form of yucca available. This seed selection came from a collector in Wisconsin who found many unique yuccas with large robust foliage and height. We grew them at our farm and were surprised seeing the 8 ft. tall flowers.  This is one of the largest seed strains we have found. 

Very easy to grow, this is an easy evergreen perennial   to grow in a wide variety of habitats from sun to partial shade where few things can grow. The thick dark red roots develop a large storage type root meant for water retention. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Yucca filamentosa
Seed Source Wisconsin, Michigan
Height (ft) 3-5 ft. needle height 8-10 ft. flower scapes
Width (ft) 3-4 ft.
Soil Prefers dry soils but tolerable to a wide range of soils.
Climate Zone 3-9
Ease of Cultivation Tolerant to partial shade. Easy to grow in a variety of habitats. Seed set is usually solid . Partial shade can lower flowering.

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