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European Ginger

This evergreen ginger is found throughout southern and central Europe in beech woods where it grows in shade. European Ginger has a powerful smell and produces a strong almost pepper like flavor with ginger mixed in. In the past going back all the way to the Greeks, small amounts were used as medicinal plant as well as a stimulant and tonic.  It is not used to any extent today. European Ginger is poisonous in large doses. The toxins can be minimized by drying the roots after harvest in the spring. We have been growing the plant for 30 years and even though we rarely taste it, its dense colonies of plants makes a great groundcover in a shaded environment. It has done well in our oak plantings. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Asarum europaeum


-20 F

Height (ft):

3-6 inches

Width (ft):



Can grow in a wider variety of soils compared to the American species otherwise similar soils.


Zone 5-9

Ease of Cultivation:

Durable little species although should not be considered edible to any extent.Makes a more robust ground cover compared to the American species. Grows well-drought tolerant.

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