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Virginia Heartleaf Ginger

Virginia Heartleaf ginger is a good groundcover ginger able to grow in our rather dry sandy soils. It too spreads by small rhizomes. Its growth rate is roughly double that of the American ginger. Once again, it is hard to say this ginger is edible to any extent because of the naturally occuring toxins within the root and leaves. The rather strong aromatic flavor of the roots is mix of ginger and pepper on this species.  Over the last 20 years  Heartleaf ginger is worth transplanting as a living groundcover in our tree crop plantings. We are using a mix of different species to try to create a non mowing habitat to make hand harvesting  easier in a weedwacker free zone under our larger oaks, hickories and  chestnuts that we planted starting in the early 1980's. This one you can step on which can also tolerate some drought and still bounce back. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Asarum virginica (Hexastylis)


-20 F

Height (ft):


Width (ft):



Prefers a woodland type soil-humus, acidic.


Zone 5ish to Zone 9. Southeastern U.S. ideal.

Ease of Cultivation:

Establishes quickly and is one of the few 'robust' gingers. Not an edible ginger as far as we can tell. No one has tested it.

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