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Edible Bamboo

Pot, 12" 2 yr. EDBA_12 $24.20
The Edible Bamboo for Shoot Production-Moso Bamboo

This timber type of bamboo is used frequently for its edible shoots. Cuttings are made in the spring of the year just prior to sprouting. Also called Moso bamboo, this is the preferred species used for cutting the young sprouts. Grown from roots, this species is hardy to minus 10 F or more.  It has survived our unheated polyhouses without a problem. We have grown it over the last decade and have found it much hardier than other species we have tried where winter took them to the ground.   It is probably a bit much to ask to grow in southern Michigan outdoors or other zone 5 location unless heavily mulched which would save the root system. It likely then just resprout from the ground but keep in mind you are experimenting in zone 5. Zone 6 is much more likely to be fine. 

This one is a good species bamboo and easily could be developed for greater cold hardiness from what we have seen in the variation of the different clones we have tried.  We have found it easy to grow. It is one of the few bamboos that could provide both timber and a food source at the same time. How that could play out in a tree crop system waits to be seen as this species has not been tested to any degree in a wide variety of environments. Because of its highly stoloniferous ways, consider using a 60 mil barrier or a rigid deep pot to prevent its spread. It it the runner part of bamboo that scares people but others endorse it and use it to their advantage. Supposedly seeds are set every 100 years upon which the clone dies entirely. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Phyllostachys edulis
Hardiness -10 to 15 F
Height (ft) 30
Width (ft) 10
Soil Adaptable and can grow in essentially rock and sand.
Climate Zone 7-10
Ease of Cultivation Very easy to establish. We have found this one to be bit more hardy than what is listed on the web. If it dies to the ground the plants will resprout. The sprouts are smaller in the north than the ones seen in the Chinese market image we are using but this species has not been trialed at all for its edible shoots. Runner type so best to use 60 mill to prevent its spread in areas where that would be considered a problem for others in some way. (Rational or not.)