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Breathe Wild Mint ECOS

Breathe Wild Mint
Strong Flavor-Vigorous Growing

This 2 ft. tall mint was found growing in a rock-strewn boulder field in northern Michigan. The flavor is powerful, clearing out all nasal passages. Spreads by rhizomes. In 2 years covered a 6’x6’ area. Is durable even in dry soils. Has a nice lattice of rhizomes and might be good as a field groundcover in an orchard setting. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Mentha arvensis villosa hybrid

Seed Source:

Ecos, Michigan



Height (ft):


Width (ft):



Does best in moist sandy soil.


Zone 3-7.

Ease of Cultivation:

Easy. Not necessarily a flower garden plant for most. Elsewhere-one of the best to use.

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