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Fragrant Cattail  

Found throughout North America, the roots and tops have a delicious sweet vanilla-cinnamon flavor. Sweetflag grows in large colonies in wetlands and is fairly easy to cultivate in non-wetland conditions. We have a nice stand of these in one of our strawberry fields which is irrigated only in dry periods. Our seeds were collected from Wisconsin and Michigan which means it has less or none of the carcengenic properties that the other overseas selections have. But we would advise you not to use it for consumption due to other side effects the plant can have.  Normally this species is used for its heavenly fragrance and the oil is extracted just for this purpose.



Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Acorus calamus var. americana

Seed Source:

Wisconsin and Michigan


-30 F

Height (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Does not produce seeds unless in a wetland.


Wet muck soil or damp soil Will grow in drier loam and mulched soil fine, but growth is slow.


Zone 4-8. Likes high humidity.

Ease of Cultivation:

Easy to grow but not your average garden plant due to its propensity for water. Not safe to consume as the plant has numerous side effects. Fine for a fragrance but not tea.

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