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Big Hip Rose

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Large hips-Dense clusters of fruit

Selected from Apple Rose, Rosa pomifera-villosa, Big Hip has produced the most fruit in the smallest amount of plant. Even small one foot tall plants can be packed with fruit. We have grown this plant in its numerous forms and have found even seed selections are highly fruitful making selection difficult as to which is the best.  Big Hip provides a nice floral and scented blossom with few if any insect pests and zero leaf diseases.  It is a thorny plant but fruit is usually produced near the edges of the canes and it is fortunate this species is not a dense grower making harvest not too prickly of a situation.  

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Rosa x pomifera-villosa
Seed Source Michigan, Ecos
Hardiness -30F
Height (ft) 3
Width (ft) 1
Pollination Requirements Self fertile. Will possibly cross with other roses.
Soil Anything. Our plants are in sand and mulched.
Climate Zone 4ish to zone 8. Southern U.S. is fine.
Ease of Cultivation Takes about three years to start to fruit from seedling. Once fruiting nothing needs to be done. Use acidic-iron loving fertilizers to speed up and increase production. Easy to fruit and easy to use even in the fresh state, the flavor is very good on this seed grown selection.

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