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"Blue Profusion" Juneberry Seeds and Scions

500 Seeds + Scions, BPJU_S-500+SC $220.00 Out of stock
Large Crops of Delicious Juneberries

Selected from a batch of Michigan juneberry seedlings that fruited heavily in 3 years from seed, this tree type offers a heavy yield on young trees. Dark blue fruits are produced in dense clusters throughout the tree. Trees are somewhat dwarf with sprouts forming near the base of the trees. This would be a good orchard type too. Nice mellow sweet flavor. This selection shows good resistance to common diseases that affect fruit quality of saskatoons and pretty much all Amelanchier. This selection has very good yields and is one one of the best for flavor. Higher yielding selections could be attained using seeds from this cross. It is true to type but higher yields are a possibility for this natural seed selection. 

To germinate the seeds: Seeds have a rather oily surface on them like apple seeds. Treat like an apple or pear seed. Store with cold and moisture at 33-38F for 120 days. Then remove and put in a flat with a good acidic peat mix and lightly cover the seeds with sand. The seeds will normally sprout the first year. If the seeds are mishandled in some way especially if over dried it will take two years. So this is why I dry only for a short period of time to keep the maximum soil moisture in the seeds. Keep in mind not to let the seeds mold in the refrigerator

Cuttings are sent dormant with the seeds for grafting. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Amelanchier arborea-canadensis
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -40F
Height (ft) 12
Width (ft) 12
Pollination Requirements Self fertile
Soil Does best in dryer sandy soils with good drainage.
Climate Zones 3-7 Better in cooler climates.
Ease of Cultivation One of the cleaner fruited selections that has good resistance to scab. Could be further improved on by selecting seedlings immune to it. True to seed and probably the only cultivar of this species selected for fruit production. This was one of the best discoveries of Amelanchier in my grow outs. The flavor is good and the yield is very high.