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The History of Oikos Tree Crops Farm Tour ECOS

The History of Oikos Tree Crops Farm Tour
The History of Oikos Tree Crops Farm Tour

Enjoy a visit with Ken Asmus as he tells the history and how he created a tree crop farm from a field.  Rain or shine April 20, 2019. from 1:00 to 3:00.

Tea and a small snack will be available. We will be walking around the farm highlighting some of the success and not so successful tree crops grown at our farm. Three examples of my plant breeding efforts or discoveries will be discussed prior to us walking around the farm. The fields we will be walking in are not mowed and there are ticks. So please dress accordingly!  There are some small paths and a roadway to get us started on our 13 acre property. We will discuss the benefits of quackgrass and star thistle as it relates to the growing of shrub and tree crops in an open field. We will cover the organic methods best suited for planting trees as well as discuss the failure of herbicides and sheet mulching. We will discover some of our perennial cover crops.  And yes we will even get a chance to plant a few trees at the same time. We should be able to see much of the structure of the trees and how they grow in relation to each other and the pruning methods we use as there is little foliage this year being as cool as it is.  We will cover the major worldwide selection of plants we use and how to cultivate them in your yard or field.   LIMIT TO 10 PARTICIPANTS

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