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Gift Certificates

$25 Gift Certificate GIFT_25 $22.50
$50 Gift Certificate GIFT_50 $45.00
$100 Gift Certificate_GIFT_100 $90.00
$200.00 Gift Certificate_GIFT_200 $180.00
$250.00 Gift Certificate_GIFT_250 $225.00
$500.00 Gift Certificate _GIFT_500 $450.00
$1000.00 Gift Certificate_GIFT_1000 $900.00
10 percent Discount on All Gift Certificates   Give the Gift of Seeds and Plants

A code is generated for a gift voucher and is sent to you via email and regular mail. A free packet of seed is included. 

We send the code and the paper gift certificate directly to the recipient or directly to you whichever you prefer. 

No tax or shipping is charged with this item.  We will include one free packet of seeds with each certificate. (Our choice of seed.)

The Fine Print: There are no refunds for gift certificates. Once purchased for someone the certificate can only be used for Oikos Tree Crops and cannot be returned to the recipient or the purchaser as a cash refund.

The gift certificate has a five year expiration date from the date of purchase. After five years the certificate is voided. We hang onto all paper and electronic copies for 5 years-as per the state of Michigan regulations. After that the codes are disabled and your certificate will be voided. 

If Oikos Tree Crops goes out of business for some reason, all gift certificates are voided although we will give you a  reminder via email -text message if this were to happen to give you one final chance to use it.