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Perennial Vegetables

Perennial Vegetables, PEVE $22.50 Out of stock
by Eric Toensmeier
From Artichoke to 'Zuiki' Taro, a Gardeners Guide to Over 100 Delicious, Easy-to-Grow Edibles Free Shipping

Covers perennial species rarely found in any horticultural publication. One of the best plant idea books, Perennial Vegetables gives you the specifics of cultivation including a range map and just what to expect if you decide to go ahead. History, ecology and horticulture are all woven together in a balanced way including the use of tropical and water plants and how you might grow them in the north. All horticulture books should take a tip from Mr. Toensmeier; direct experience can teach us more than the rewrites from reference manuals or nursery catalogs. Even goes the extra mile in trying to teach us the best way for cultivation,maximum yields and suggests possible breeding possibilities. Free shipping. 

Paperback, 240 pages.  Color Photos and Diagrams thoughout. Free Shipping on books