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The Uses of Wild Plants

The Uses of Wild Plants
by Frank Tozer-FREE SHIPPING

There is no other book quite like this unique guide to the plants of North America. Covering the uses and cultivation of more than 1200 species in over 500 genera, it is a treasury of information on every aspect of useful wild plants. How they were used in the past, how they can be used today, and how they might be used in the future. Simple yet precise, this guide is a great way to explore the vast universe of species of plants that you may have never heard of or if you did hear of it, you had no idea of its uses.  Even with Google and Wikipedia combining historical data along with preparation, cultivation, gathering, medicine, and animal food makes this book exciting to read and uncover uses of both rare and common wild plants. Black and white drawings make this a kind of throw back to those eariler Euell Gibbons, Bradford Angier manuals of edible plants but in a 'Plants for a Future Database' good way. 259 pages, black and white drawings.    Free Shipping.


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