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Breathe Wild Mint

Pkg. of 3 Rhizomes, Field Grown, BWMI_3 $9.20 Out of stock
Strong Flavor-Vigorous Growth-Able to Tolerate Dry Conditions

Our reselected 'Breathe' brings back the strong mint flavor of Mitchum without having the finicky soil conditions needed for mint cultivation. " Breathe" was done by raising seedlings of previous selections and seeds from European mints while winnowing out only the strongest in flavor as well as large leaves, thick rhizomes like applemint, and vigorous growth habit. Keep in mind this is not for your average flower garden, but is a highly competitive plant able to take a mowing and trimming to yield the highest amount of leaves per season. With the help of my daughter, we spent a mouth numbing day testing a couple hundred mint plants grown from seed finally whittling it down to the top ten plants or so. This is a composite cultivar using clonal propagation but contains several individuals.  You may never have to plant mint again with these selections. We have found that adding mint to areas where we mow is always an aromatic experience. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Mentha arvensis villosa hybrid
Seed Source Ecos, Michigan
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 2
Width (ft) 2
Soil Does best in moist sandy soil.
Climate Zone 3-7.
Ease of Cultivation Easy. Not necessarily a flower garden plant for most. Elsewhere-one of the best to use.

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