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Comptons Oak

Pot, 3-6" COOA_3-6 $8.20 Out of stock

Comptons oak represents  numerous seedling strains from Georgia of overcup and live oak. Although it does survive in our zone 5 nursery and plantings, it has not flourished and does die back a bit in a minus 20 F winter however that being said we do have one nice 10 ft. tall tree out of three that we outplanted  in the mid 90's.  It is a great oak tree with semi evergreen foliage and quite vigorous in sandy soils. The delicious low tannin acorns are quite good and appear to be produced on trees that are only 8-10 ft. tall. This oak  is ideal in zones 6 and south and is probably the most evergreen of the oaks for the north.  This natural hybrid oak is one of the few hybrid types able to be used for commercial shade tree farms because of its uniformity from seed. 

Grown in deep 9 inch pots to get the most from the taproot. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Quercus lyrata x virginiana (comptoniae)
Hardiness -15 F more or less
Height (ft) 30-60
Width (ft) 40-80
Soil Able to tolerate dry compacted soils like overcup oak as well as sandy well drained soils. It has done best for us in very dry soil.
Climate Zones 6-9 is ideal. Does best in rather hot moist conditions and will grow best anywhere live oak grows.
Ease of Cultivation Although we have grown this hybrid for 20 years now the tallest trees we have are 8 ft. tall as it appears not to do well in cold moist Michigan especially if it dips below -20 F where the tips of the branches die back. Otherwise it is a great oak tree with glossy foliage and semi-evergreen here staying green into November.