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Vollherzigen Dandelion

Pot,VODA-Vollherzigen $4.20
Peat pot-Improved Green-50 + roots IGDA_PP $9.20

Nutritious Greens High in Vitamin A and C- More Calcium and Iron than Spinach

To many, the dandelion is just a weed. Although dandelions have been cultivated for centuries, rarely has anyone made selections for ease of harvest, larger leaf or less bitterness. But a few  who are into dandelions including the French, Italian and German breeders know a good dandelion when they taste  one. Leaves can be cut throughout the season but are best young and mixed at a 1 to 10 ratio with regular salad greens. The flowers are a source for wine making. Plants can be further propagated by root cuttings or seeds. 

  • Vollherzigen - This is a German selection made for less bitterness. Nice rosette of dark green leaves. Very good salad selection as the growth rate is more upright. For less bitterness try growing them in light shade. if you have ever eaten fresh dandelion greens they will rocket your mouth into bittertopia so havin a slightly lower bitterness does seem to help.  The 'poster child of weeds' can soon be part of your diet. Harvest early in the season or grow in shade for less bitterness.
  • Improved Green-Grown in Peat Pots-- Dark green upright growing selections made from many types of improved dandelions. Multi-seeded so each pot contains at least 50 small roots. The pot can be split apart easily when transplanting. 
Plant Specs
Genus & Species Taraxacum officinale
Seed Source Everywhere.
Hardiness -40F
Height (ft) 1
Width (ft) 1
Soil Seems to do well everywhere especially compacted soils.
Climate Found from the northern plains to who knows. Widespread in its adaptability but not a desert plant yet but its working on it. It seems to follow the human trail system.
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow. For green production removal of the foliage and flowers increases the longevity of the root. Its a giver!