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Dark Freckles Violet

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Edible Flowers and Foliage -Vigorous Grower 

Dark Freckles Violet is a vigorous grower and has dark green leaves with unique speckled flowers. The foliage has a mild flavor making it a perfect addition to a salad. This species can grow true from seed or be reproduced by root divisions. Freckles retains its foliage better in high heat compared to the Ecos selections of white and blue plus is a more vigorous grower in shade.  The edible speckled white and blue flowers are produced above the foliage in early spring. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Viola sororia
Seed Source Dark Freckles Hybrid
Hardiness -25
Height (ft) 0.25
Width (ft) 0.1
Soil Adaptable-Does well in most soils.
Climate More of a cool weather plant producing lush leaves in the spring and early summer . Zone 3-8.
Ease of Cultivation Quite a spreader. Heavy yields of dark green leaves.