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Diversity Sunchoke

Package of 4 tubers, Red DISU_R $10.20 Out of stock
Package of 4 tubers, White DISU_W $10.20 Out of stock

Diversity is grown from seeds so each tuber is an uncultivated  seedling and not a named selection.  (This is not a mix of our other named selections.)  Durable and long lived Diversity represents a side of sunchokes you do not normally see. 

  • Diversity Red        These tubers are selected for long smooth shapes and vigorous growth habits. Numerous seedlings are used for creating this all red colored selection.  They are very vigorous. They can be easily washed and sliced like carrots with their uniform growth. Some have small diameters but can be up to a foot long. 
  • Diversity White        These tubers are selected for white long smooth shapes similar in many ways to Shiawassee only longer in length. All grown from seed, Diversity white is probably closer to what people think of when they find wild sunchokes.  The selections are vigorous and all were produced at our farm from populations of unamed seedlings.  Some are small narrow roots as well.



Plant Specs
Genus & Species Helianthus tuberosus
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25F or more.
Height (ft) 8-12
Width (ft) 2-4
Pollination Requirements Having a mix of seedlings like these helps in creating fuller heads of seeds should you want to grow even more seedlings to produce a new cultivar. Sunchokes are not sterile but in some years they do not produce solid seed.
Soil Easy to grow in many soils but best in loam.
Climate Zone 3ish to Zone 9. Diversity selections tend to be shorter season selections.
Ease of Cultivation Diversity can be used as a screen crop and is one of the most durable in terms of being able to grow in dense foliage areas amidst shrubs and thick grass. The rhizome nature of these is quite strong. The rhizomes tend to run shallow in the soil making extraction a bit easier as well.

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