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Ecos American Hazelnut

Pot, 12-18", EAHA-12-18 $12.20 Out of stock
Most Productive of the American Hazels-Ecos Selections from the Highest Producing Plants at Our Farm

Selected using the most productive hazels on our farm. We began this strain by finding and selecting the most productive seedlings that were on our farm prior to us making a nursery almost 40 years ago. We also used a selection called Winkler from Minnesota and other seedlings from Iowa and central Michigan finding some of the types that cluster nuts in the greatest profusion. There actually is quite a bit of genetic variation in the American hazelnut.  Eventually the plantings contained the most vigorous and highest yielding individuals. The Ecos selections now are roughly 20 individuals that we collect our seed from.  Small to medium sized nuts are produced in great profusion including  many that contain paper thin shells that can be easily hand cracked. 

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Plant Specs
Genus & Species Corylus americana
Seed Source Ecos Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 6-10'
Width (ft) 6-10'
Pollination Requirements Self infertile.Needs two plants or another American, Precocious or Kens Select.
Soil Does best in slightly acidic soil that is well drained. Loam or sandy loam.
Climate Zone 3-8. Has been found into northern Florida but in general a northern species.
Ease of Cultivation Has to be one of the most reliable nut producers on our farm.

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