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Ecos Cactus

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Hardy Cactus Selected from Wild Seedling NA Plants

Produces bright red and purple fruit can be used in jams and preserves with a flavor resembling strawberry and watermelon. The fruit, called "tuna" has many of the same properties as aloe vera and is high in calcium and magnesium. If you decide to use the skin of the fruit scrape the fruit free of prickles. They are very tiny and a huge irritant. Scoop out the insides of the fruit and puree in a blender with water. The result will be a highly viscous gel. Folk medicine suggests that the fruit will eliminate kidney stones and warts. Grown from seed. Plant in full sun.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Opuntia x hybrid
Seed Source Ecos
Hardiness -20
Height (ft) 1
Width (ft) 1