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Intensity Strawberry ECOS

Intensity Strawberry
Intensity Strawberry
Largest Wild Strawberry-Not Huge but Big in the Flavor Department

Intensity is the best selection we have found in searching for a larger wild berry, noted for its intense, rich and full fruit flavor. Intensity has an extended ripening over a 2-week period. With excellent tolerance to shade, the leaves produce a deep green color and fruit in light shade. This strawberry is taller growing reaching 12” in height in good soils. Fruits are produced on a long stalk which is usually weighted over with fruit. Likely self pollinating and will not need additional wild pollinators as far as we can tell.  We have had excellent success with producing berries from it every year for over 15 years. Good runner production creates a thick strawberry bed and crowns that produce well after 5 years.Plants are grown in tubes and come without a pot as a plug.They are grown from seed from the original Intensity planting. Although considered a woodland version of the wild strawberry, we have found it to grow in a variety of soils and light requirements. It seems productive even in semi-shade. This plant ships in September-October range as they are currently in production for the fall of 2019.


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Fragaria vesca

Seed Source:




Height (ft):


Width (ft):



Does best in sandy well drained soil.


Zone 3-9. Did not survive in Florida. Too hot.

Ease of Cultivation:

Super easy to grow and spreads fast via runners.

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