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English-Black Walnut

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Like many hybrid walnuts, the variation can sometimes be an asset. Sometimes not.  For us it started as a natural hybrid grown from seed of a Broadview english walnut. The tree quickly reached 60 ft. tall but produced few nuts. One year the record reached a total of 12! However some of these nuts produced incredibly vigorous clean foliage seedlings. We planted a few of these out in our orchard and much like the Kwik Crop walnut they were both very productive and fast growing even from seed. It was the cross with black walnut that made it a much more vigorous and healthy tree. 

The English-black walnut is a good choice for a strong central leader type of tree with symmetrical branching. The nuts are round and tend to crack out similar in taste to a mild  black walnut. The nuts themselves tend to be smoother in shape as well.  The trees from seed no longer have the problem as the parent tree and yields are high most years. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Juglans (regia Broadview x nigra) x nigra
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25F to -30F
Height (ft) 60-80
Width (ft) 60-80
Pollination Requirements Make sure to have more than one black nearby or two of these to ensure better nut set. Otherwise, this tree is considered self fertile to some extent and may not need additional pollinators, but it does help ensure the crop to have two plants.
Soil Grows in light to heavy loam. Slightly acidic to alkaline conditions seem fine.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation Because of it ease to establish and fast growth rate, this is one walnut that anyone can grow and fruit even in non walnut country. It leafs and flowers late, and the nuts are produced in clusters along the branches much like our buartblack walnut.

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