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'Equidistance' Horsetail

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Dense Impervious Groundcover

"Equidistance" is a dwarf horsetail originally found in Central Michigan on a sand flat growing in a compacted soil few other plants could tolerate. There it created a dense sod with a matrix of small rhizomes. Each plant produces a straight stalk to 8 inches high with no side branching. Very easy selection to grow in a wide variety of soils including wet and soggy soil.

Horsetail's silica-based stems are great for polishing and washing metal, hence the name ‘pot scrubbing plant’. The plants have been trialed for phyto-remediation. They are able to a absorb gold up to 4.5 ounces/ton of fresh stalks. Native Americans used the tiny tubers as a source of food and allowed horses to graze on it. Can grow in sun or light shade. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Equisetum
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25
Height (ft) 3-6 inches without the flower stalk
Width (ft) 12-18 inch spread
Soil Moist to dry. Tolerant of low fertility soils.
Climate Zone 3-8. Hot, dry, cold, moist. Tolerant.
Ease of Cultivation Very easy. Slowly creeps outward with dense branching. Once established it is long lived.