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'Flavor Yield' Wild Ginger

Field grown, Pkg. of 2 (Eye Roots) FYWG_2 $9.75 Out of stock

Selection of hardy woodland ginger known for its higher yields of roots which tends to grow in a solid mat. "Flavor Yield" has a lattice type root system with greater branching of the roots. This trait may also be influenced by the soil conditions. As far as us growing many different strains of wild ginger:  we have found two with this trait and a secondary selection we are propagating that has a rhizome diameter twice that of most wild gingers.  When naming a plant you always have to ask , is this really bettter or different in some substantial way.

We do recommend you cover the surrounding plants with a nice black compost to increase the growth rate as well as the branching root habit of this selection. Flavor Yield has an intense ginger flavor and can be used sparingly as a ginger additive in drinks and cooking. Some people extract the flavor and then mix it with other sweet flavored juices.  This root should be harvested in the late fall after dormancy or early spring prior to growth. Ships in the dormant season spring and fall before and after leafing. 

Although safe to eat in for use as a flavoring, it is best not to consume in huge amounts as this ginger does contain have some compounds which are not safe in large amounts. The idea that 'nothing has happened to me' philosophy on consuming wild plants is not a good one. However over time, some plants like the wild ginger could be grown and used as a flavoring agent in many a woodland garden without the fear of 'is it safe to eat?'  Yes it is. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Asarum canadense
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25F
Height (ft) 3-6 inches
Width (ft) 1-2
Soil Woodland type soil. Friable organic rich.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation Shade plant grows slowly but eventually fills in areas with dense growth of roots.