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'Flavor Yield' Wild Ginger ECOS

Selection of hardy woodland ginger known for its higher yields of roots which tend to grow more substantial while forming dense colonies of plants. "Flavor Yield" has a lattice type root system with greater branching of the roots. This trait may also be influenced by the soil conditions as well. We do recommend you cover the surrounding plants with a nice black compost to increase the growth rate as well as the branching root habit of this selection. Flavor is an intense ginger flavor and can be used sparingly as a ginger additive in drinks and cooking. Some people extract the flavor and then mix it with other sweet flavored juices.  Should be harvested in the late fall after dormancy or early spring prior to growth. Ships in the dormant season spring and fall before and after leafing. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Asarum canadense

Seed Source:




Height (ft):

3-6 inches

Width (ft):



Woodland type soil. Friable organic rich.


Zone 3-8

Ease of Cultivation:

Shade plant grows slowly but eventually fills in areas with dense growth of roots.

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