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Flowering Quince

Field grown, 3-6" LEQU_3-6 fg $12.75 Out of stock
Field grown, 3-6" LEQU_3-6 fg $16.75 Out of stock
Pot, 18-24" FLQU_18-24 $14.75 Out of stock
Selection for Heavy Fruiting and Pink Flowers

It took a few years to find this fruitful selection of ornamental quince. Many of the common named ornamental selections are sterile. Once in a while you find a good one. This is it.  This selection is completely fertile and can be used for fruit production. Fruits are extremely dense and retain their quality all winter. Used as a jelling agent, this fruit after cooking thoroughly can be mixed with apple and pear to create a thick syrup. Favored by whitetail deer in February flowering quince produces 2-3 inch round yellow fruits which retain their shape all winter. One of the hardiest and durable quinces we have in our collection. It even resists fireblight which is the bane of quince growers. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Chaenomeles japonica
Seed Source N/A
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 8
Width (ft) 8